One Day or One Year

Temporary Staff

Although the concept of outsourcing began to be used for the first time in the 1980s, it has become widespread since the 1990s as a management strategy and business model. We observe that, the need for temporary staffing is increasing lately in Turkey.

Why temporary staffing?

• Reduces operational costs

• Allows companies to focus more on their core business

• Helps to decrease costs and allows excess resources to be directed to more productive areas

• Shortens production and implementation processes

• Ensures that risks are minimized and shared

• Provides increased productivity

As Metropol International Human Resources, we are predicting that temporary staffing solutions will define the future of human resources sector. That’s why we are rapidly taking necessary actions for perfecting our temporary staffing services. In this context, we offer flexible employment solutions to our clients' needs, allowing them to hire the desired number of temporary staff at the lowest cost and for the time interval they project.

Our temporary staffing team consisting of experts in their area, is at your disposal to determine your needs and to provide ideal staff with ideal timing.