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Privacy / Terms of Use

Metropol International Human Resources collects and uses personal information that you provide in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined in this section. By accessing our web page and registering your resume or information to Metropol International's system, you consent to the collection and processing of personal information by Metropol International as provided in the Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Your application for "general application" on our page allows you to register your resume with Metropolitan's resume database, along with your registration details. Your resume is stored in Metropol International's proprietary software system, which does not have access outside Metropol International.
(Excluding Summary CV) Top-level security software and systems are used to protect your privacy and prevent access to the system from outside. Nonetheless, Metropol International does not accept any responsibility or liability for any unauthorized third parties who access personal information sent to or held on your computer system.

Metropol International will evaluate your resume for possible permanent and temporary vacancies and offer you business opportunities accordingly. Once we receive your CV, we use the information in your CV to create a record about you in the system. Written information directly received from you may be added to the information from your resume. The information that may be included in the Metropol International software system is information that is believed to be helpful during your recruitment process.

Metropol International may send your experience profile to the selected companies in Turkey or abroad. It takes care of preserving the confidentiality of information during all these processes. Your profile is compiled from your CV and the information you have given in writing or verbally.

You have allowed Metropol to request your reference information in the CV content of your applications that you have shared and / or have posted on other CV portals of Metropol International Human Resources.

If you do not want Metropol International to send your profile to potential employers, please send an email to entitled "Delete CV".