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Assessment Center

Assessment Center; is an objective, scientific method of selection and evaluation based on observations of expert evaluators over a specific period of time, consisting of a series of exercises, simulations and tasks.

We are evaluating the competencies and behaviors that are exhibited especially at work, in this method, in which we aim to determine the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies that people have and potentially possess in certain areas.

Our past experiences show that this evaluation method gives more reliable results than all other measurement methods. Especially, in our applications, where multiple evaluators / consultants are involved, the intention is achieving objectivity and impartiality through giving the employees to demonstrate their skills with different exercises and simulations.

The assessment center is a method that serves many processes of Human Resources.

Assessment Center Practices

In our assessment center practises, there are the focused skills that each practice serves and we take into consideration not the professional or technical skills that are required to be possessed but soft skills and behaviors. These exercise / simulation practices are not a test or an examination. Here we take into account what is done, how it is done, and what it is based on, rather than whether it is right or wrong. Through evaluating each competency by multiple evaluators, we obtain objective, fair and realistic data on the potential of the employee.

The most frequently used practices in our assessment center are: