16 Years With Pride

About Us

Our company is one of the leaders in human resources business since 1978 in international human resources markets and since its’ foundation in Turkey in 2003.

As Metropol International Human Resources team, we are targeting to satisfy our clients’ needs with a perfectional business approach while helping our candidates to realize their career objectives.

With our long term, solution oriented and flexible working principles, we become the closest partners of our clients. Since we analyze perfectly the direction and changing needs of human resources sector, we adapt our technological infrustructure and human power accordingly.

While doing our business, human is our focus. With the systems and methods we use, we create a difference in all areas where we offer services. We are a company that is constantly growing and developing through our knowledge and know-how, our values ​​and strategies.

Our Clients could take advantage of our;

services, as well as our private solutions designed to meet their expectations and needs.