Payroll Management

We also provide qualified and fast service to our customers in payrolling services with effective communication, openness in information sharing, informing on time, periodical assessment and reporting principles.

  • We enter the entity and other work information,
  • Regulate definite or indefinite employment agreement of the employees,
  • Prepare any kind of official list and report related to allowances, insurance, net pay and payroll,
  • Ensure the transfer of payment payrolls to the owner employee,
  • Keep track and vacation book of permission and sales premiums,
  • Prepare any kind of periodic proclamation and list required to be submitted to the government agencies,
  • Prepare the pre-job insurance information , calculate any kind of compensation cost that needs to be calculated during the cease of employment, and ensure the transfer to the bank with the approval of human resources management,
  • Prepare employment certificate, savings information, tax expense notification etc. to be given to the employee during the cease of employment,
  • For the ready use of company, we prepare other information of the employees that might be subject to assessment such as, identity for the use of human resources department, photos of the employee, education, department, departmental changes, title changes, address, relative information and addresses and we update the information,
  • Inform about consulting services about Labor Laws and practices, make necessary warnings, inform about legal practices and changes,
  • Answer the questions of the employees about the payroll accounts or practices, as much as deemed appropriate by the company management,
  • And we make the calculations for the compensation costs of the employees who leave their job or to be retired.