Who Are We

We are an international human resources company which has completed 10 year in Turkey.

As Metropol International, we determine the needs of our clients in the subjects of Choosing Employee and Work Placement, Payroll Management, Temporary Employment which are within the field of human resources; while determining the needs, we take their expectations into account, thus improve solutions.

We become the most close business partner of our clients in the field of human resources thanks to our long-term work principle.

We try to reach our works for better with our Advanced Technologic substructure.

We provide perfect service and consultancy to our clients about Technical Payroll Management.

We are in the leader position in Turkey with Ajans M brand in the field of Fund Raising.

While we employ more than 1.500 people a year in Turkey, we also act human-centered in all of our operations.

We have an understanding of service that makes difference with the systems and methods we apply in all the fields we provide service for.

We are a company that constantly grows and improves thanKs to our knowledge, resource and strategies.

You may benefit from our services on Employment and Work Placement, Periodic/Permanent Employee and Payroll with our applicant database of more than 1.000.000 applicants.

You can reach us for more detailed information.